Kelly Gale at Balmain Show as Part of Paris Fashion Week 09/27/2023

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Kelly Gale, the “Every Breath You Take” video star, was a sight to behold at the Balmain Show as part of Paris Fashion Week on September 27, 2023. The model, known for her work with Victoria’s Secret and Playboy, was the epitome of elegance in a black dress that was as sophisticated as it was stylish. The dress, adorned with vertical pleats, flirted just above her knees, revealing her statuesque legs encased in sheer black tights.

The ensemble was accentuated by an array of silver buttons that gleamed like stars against the midnight hue of her attire. Each button was a silent testament to the meticulous attention to detail that defines Balmain’s iconic designs.

In one hand, she held a red purse – a small yet bold testament to her impeccable taste – its vibrant hue dancing vivaciously against the serene elegance of her black attire.

Kelly Gale At Balmain Show As Part Of Paris Fashion Week 09 27 2023 4

And those boots! The “Roots” runway queen’s feet were ensconced in knee-high black suede boots; their subtle elegance whispered tales of luxury while grounding our ethereal Kelly firmly on terra firma.

In this moment captured for eternity, Kelly Gale wasn’t just wearing an outfit; she was embodying artistry – each piece coming together not just as clothing but as stanzas in a poem celebrating the symphony of style. It was a sight that left us all in awe, reminding us once again why Kelly Gale is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

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