Lottie Moss (26) Nails Casual Cool in Leopard and White

Lottie Moss, at 26, redefines street chic with her ensemble on July 6th. A crisp white crop top with a hint of red logo pairs with a bold leopard print skirt, showcasing the enduring allure of animal patterns. White sneakers anchor the outfit, merging ease and elegance. Her effortless hair and minimal accessories underscore the outfit’s striking balance of simplicity and statement. Moss’s style invites us to blend classic tees with vibrant skirts for an effortlessly eye-catching look.

Katie Holmes (45) Exudes Summer Chic at Chanel Fest

At 45, Katie Holmes turned heads at the Chanel Tribeca Festival with her sophisticated summer style. She paired a floral white top with patterned high-waisted trousers, cinched by a belt with a circular buckle. Her pointed black heels and straight hair added finesse, while bracelets and a watch lent a chic finish. Holmes’ look is a masterclass in elegant summer dressing.