Eiza Gonzalez in Del Core Dress at Met Gala 2024

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Eiza Gonzalez stormed the 2024 Met Gala, donning a Del Core masterpiece that was nothing short of a floral fantasy. This wasn’t just a dress, it was a bold declaration of her roots, a tribute to the land that shaped her. The gown, a riot of pink, ivory, and cream hues, was a silk organza sensation, meticulously crafted to mirror the peeling petals of an orchid.

Eiza Gonzalez In Del Core Dress At Met Gala 2024 07

Elizabeth Saltzman, the creative genius behind this sartorial marvel, spilled the beans, “It’s an orchid in full bloom, layered with silk organza shades.” But this wasn’t just any orchid. It was the vanilla orchid, a symbol of Mexico, Eiza’s homeland.

This wasn’t just a fashion statement, it was a love letter to her heritage, a nod to the rich tapestry of culture she hails from. Eiza didn’t just wear a dress that night, she wore her identity, her pride, and her homage to her roots.

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