Emily Blunt at the Drew Barrymore Show in New York

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Emily Blunt, the queen of effortless chic, rocked the Drew Barrymore Show with her sartorial savvy. Imagine rolling out of bed, slipping into an outfit that screams comfort and style, and still looking like a million bucks. That’s Emily for you.

Emily Blunt At The Drew Barrymore Show In New York 05 02 202 2

On the 2nd of May, our style maven was spotted in NYC, sporting a brown ensemble that was as cozy as it was cool. A mock neck pullover paired with baggy sweatpants, this matching set was a nod to the laid-back vibes of spring.

But wait, there’s more. She amped up the look with pristine white sneakers, a spacious tote bag, and round sunglasses. Just another day in the life of Emily Blunt, making the streets of New York her personal runway.

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