Shannen Doherty: Battling Cancer, Selling Treasures, Making Memories – A Legacy in Progress

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The “Beverly Hills, 90210” icon, Shannen Doherty, is currently in a fierce battle with Stage 4 breast cancer. In a bold move to lighten the load on her mother, Rosa Doherty, the “Charmed” star has started to offload her amassed possessions.

On her podcast, “Let’s Be Clear,” the “Heathers” actress made it clear that her mom is her top priority. She’s acutely aware of the emotional impact her passing would have on her mother and is taking steps to streamline things by reducing the amount of stuff she’d have to sort through.

The act of downsizing has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the “Obsessed” lead, feeling like she’s saying goodbye to treasured items. But she knows it’s the right move, paving the way for a less complicated transition for those she leaves behind.

The “Gone in the Night” star’s passion for antique hunting resulted in a massive collection of furniture, which she confesses was getting out of hand. She’s planning to sell some of these pieces to fund adventures with her mother, creating priceless memories that hold more value than any material possession.

She underscores that the proceeds from selling her stuff won’t dent the funds she plans to leave for her loved ones. The extra cash will enable the “Another Day” actress to travel more and create lasting memories with her loved ones, especially her mother.

Doherty, who first faced off with breast cancer in 2015, achieved remission in 2017, but in February 2020, she announced that she was back in the ring with stage four breast cancer. As of November 2023, the cancer had advanced to her bones.

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