Shakira’s Sons Blast ‘Barbie’ as a Manhood Bandit: Pop Icon Shakira Backs Their Stance!

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“Shakira’s Sons Slam ‘Barbie’ as a Manhood Thief, and She’s Not Entirely Against It”

“Barbie? More like Bar-bye,” Shakira’s sons might as well have said. The “Waka Waka” songstress spilled the tea in a recent interview, revealing that her sons, Sasha and Milan, absolutely loathed the 2023 film ‘Barbie,’ directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie.

“My boys couldn’t stand it,” Shakira confessed to Allure. “They felt it was stripping them of their masculinity. And I can see where they’re coming from. I’m raising two young men here. I want them to feel strong and powerful, but also to respect women.”

The pop icon went on to say, “I appreciate pop culture when it tries to uplift women without disempowering men. I believe in equipping women with all the tools and trust to conquer the world without sacrificing our essence or femininity. Men and women each have a role in society. We complement each other, and that harmony should be preserved.”

When asked, “Just because a woman can do it all, should she?” Shakira retorted, “Why not share the burden with those who are equally responsible for carrying it?”

Despite the acclaim ‘Barbie’ received after its July 2023 premiere, it wasn’t without its critics. Some even labeled the project as “anti-male.” However, Ryan Gosling, who played Ken in the film, has been a vocal supporter of the movie and his collaboration with Gerwig and Robbie. The actor even performed his character’s hit song, “I’m Just Ken,” at the 2024 Oscars, earning rave reviews and calling out the Academy for overlooking Gerwig and Robbie for Oscar nods.

Despite her children’s distaste for ‘Barbie,’ Shakira told Allure that she finds it “liberating” when women can be unapologetically themselves. She reflected on her 2005 album, ‘Oral Fixation,’ where she posed as the character Eve.

“Eve was a narrative crafted by misogynists to confine women to a box where we’re expected to stay silent, not voice our opinions, and not be agents of change. To maintain the status quo,” she noted. “I reject that notion. There’s something invigorating about women being unapologetic. Because we’ve had to say sorry far too many times in the past.”

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