Kathryn Newton (27) Stuns in Elegant Black Ensemble at City Year Event

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May 4, 2024 – The “Big Little Lies” actress was a vision of elegance and style at the City Year Los Angeles 13th Annual Spring Break Event in Inglewood. Kathryn Newton (27) opted for a classic yet edgy look that perfectly balanced sophistication with a dash of daring.

The top part of her outfit featured a fitted black corset with intricate ruching details that accentuated the “Detective Pikachu” star’s slender frame. A playful yet elegant red rose brooch sat gracefully on the side, adding just the right touch of color to break the monochrome palette.

The corset seamlessly transitioned into a knee-length skirt that boasted simplicity and class. The fabric, rich and luxurious, flowed effortlessly, giving Kathryn an air of grace with every step she took.

And let’s not overlook those shoes – a pair of pointed black heels that screamed style and comfort in equal measure. They complemented the “Freaky” actress’s attire impeccably while promising dance-floor endurance for an evening of mingling and celebration.

As we all know, no outfit is complete without those finishing touches. Kathryn kept it minimal yet impactful with her choice of accessories – no jewelry but letting her radiant skin do all the talking.

So if you’re looking to channel your inner Kathryn Newton for your next big event – think classic black with a twist. Opt for pieces that offer both comfort and style, play around with textures to add depth to your look, and don’t forget that pop of color to bring it all to life!

As Kathryn continues making waves both on-screen and off, we leave you inspired by her effortless style – ready to recreate this iconic look yourself!

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