Joey King at The Kelly Clarkson Show in NYC 04/05/2024

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On the 5th of April, 2024, “The Kissing Booth” star Joey King graced The Kelly Clarkson Show in NYC, and let’s just say, fashion enthusiasts had a field day. Joey was the epitome of elegance and style, proving once again that when it comes to fashion, she plays in the big leagues.

Adorned in a sophisticated yet daring ensemble, Joey showcased a cream-colored dress that perfectly married classic elegance with modern flair. The dress featured long sleeves with an off-the-shoulder design that added a dash of allure without crossing into the realm of extravagance.

The “Summer ’03” actress’s attire boasted intricate cut-out details around the waist area – an artistic touch that highlighted her svelte figure while offering glimpses of skin in a tastefully restrained manner. The mid-length dress clung gracefully to her form, accentuating every curve with finesse and ending just below the knees in an elegant drape.

But wait no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes and Joey knew this all too well. “Slender Man” star’s feet were adorned in sparkling stilettos that seemed as if they were crafted from stardust itself. The heels not only complemented her dress but added an extra sprinkle of glamour to her overall look.

And let’s not forget those waves! Joey’s hair flowed like silken threads spun from gold; cascading waves that framed her face and spilled over her shoulders with grace. Every strand seemed to dance with life as it caught the light – a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of her stylist.

In essence, Joey King didn’t just step into The Kelly Clarkson Show; she made an entrance worthy of fashion royalty – another chapter added to her ever-evolving style narrative.

During their appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Joey King and Logan Lerman discussed their personal connection to the novel “We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter, which tells the story of a Jewish family’s survival during the Holocaust. Both actors were deeply moved by the powerful narrative, with King feeling a strong connection to her heritage and Lerman emphasizing the importance of educating future generations about the atrocities of the Holocaust. They expressed gratitude for being part of a project that sheds light on such an important story and hope to inspire others to learn more about this dark chapter in history.

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