Anne Hathaway at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 04/29/2024

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Anne Hathaway, our beloved “Princess Diaries” star, showed up on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on 04/29/2024, looking nothing less than stunning. The actress from “Les Misérables” wore a black two piece that screamed both class and daring.

The outfit had a top that looked like a corset, with thin straps that sat lightly on her shoulders, showing off Hathaway’s elegance. It fit her body perfectly, highlighting her figure with a touch of sophistication. The star from “Ocean’s 8” matched this with a pants that reached her ankles, decorated with little sparkles that twinkled in the light.

And those shoes – black heels with straps that wound around her ankles like fine tendrils. They were the perfect match for her outfit, combining comfort and fashion.

Hathaway had her hair in a neat ponytail – a simple style that really brought out those glittering earrings and necklace around her neck. Each piece of jewelry seemed carefully picked to bring out the “Devil Wears Prada” star’s natural elegance without taking away from it.

As Hathaway keeps wowing us on the big screen, we’re left in awe of this look – it’s a mix of simplicity and sophistication. For those wanting to steal a bit of Anne’s fashion sense: try pairing a tight black top with a black pants that has some sparkle, and don’t forget those strappy heels to complete the look!

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