Alexandra Daddario (38) Captivates in a White Gown at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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March 10, 2024 – The “Percy Jackson” series star, Alexandra Daddario (38), made quite the entrance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills. Now, we’re not saying she stole the show, but let’s just say that chandeliers dimmed their lights in awe.

Dressed to impress, the “Baywatch” actress was adorned in an elegant white gown that seemed to have been spun from moonlight and grace. The strapless masterpiece clung lovingly to her silhouette, highlighting her statuesque frame with impeccable tailoring.

The gown’s bodice was as smooth as a sonnet, seamlessly transitioning into a floor-length skirt that flowed like prose around her feet. But wait – there’s more! A dramatic train cascaded behind “San Andreas” starlet like a waterfall of elegance; it was poetry in motion without uttering a single word.

No jewelry was needed for Daddario on this starry night; the dress alone was a gem. Her hair pulled back into a sleek bun allowed onlookers (and us!) an unobstructed view of her graceful neckline and bare shoulders – talk about making a statement without saying anything!

Alexandra Daddario 38 Captivates In A White Gown At Vanity Fair Oscar Party 6

As we all continue to swoon over Alexandra’s iconic look from last night, it serves as perfect inspiration for those looking to make an impression at their next big event. A well-tailored white dress paired with minimalistic accessories is your ticket to shining bright like Daddario under the city lights.

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