Selena Gomez (31) Filming “Only Murders in The Building” in NYC

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Selena Gomez (31) stuns in a vibrant pink dress. The dress is tiered with ruffles. It’s a bold choice. The texture adds depth. It’s a statement piece. The dress is modest yet elegant. It reaches mid-calf. It’s paired with simple footwear. The balance is perfect.

Selena holds a tablet. Fashion meets practicality. Work and style blend seamlessly. The attire is bold. The color is vibrant. The design is voluminous. It’s a strong fashion statement. It’s perfect for events. It’s about being noticed. It’s not about revealing skin.

This look is Selena Gomez. It’s bold. It’s elegant. It’s practical. It’s a statement. It’s fashion. It’s style. It’s Selena Gomez (31).

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