Lottie Moss (26) Nails Casual Cool in Leopard and White

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On July 6th, Lottie Moss (26) was the epitome of casual cool as she took to the streets. Her white cropped top, featuring a subtle red logo, was a fresh touch to the summer vibe. The high-waisted leopard print skirt added a dash of daring to the mix, proving that animal prints are a trend that’s here to stay. Tying the look together were her white sneakers – a staple for any fashion-forward individual looking to blend comfort with style.

Her hair, loosely styled, flowed with an air of nonchalance, complementing the laid-back yet put-together aesthetic. Accessories were kept to a minimum, allowing the bold print and clean lines of her outfit to take center stage.

As we admire Lottie Moss’s flair for mixing prints with basics, it’s clear that her approach to fashion is one to watch. For those inspired by her look, why not pair your favorite graphic tee with statement skirt? It’s a simple formula for a standout ensemble.

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