Lexy Panterra and Ava Frankel Had Some Fun with Water Nerfs at the Beach in Miami

Lexy Panterra and Ava Frankel had a blast at the beach in Miami! The two were spotted playing with water Nerf guns while sporting their tiny bikinis. Ava Frankel wore a dark blue bikini, while Lexy Panterra wore a colorful one. They were seen laughing and having fun while they splashed each other with Nerf guns. It was clear that they were having a fantastic time enjoying the sun and sand of Miami Beach!

Water Nerf is a brand of water guns, also known as water blasters, made by the company Nerf. These toys are designed to shoot water and are commonly used in outdoor activities and games. Water Nerf guns come in various designs and sizes, from small handheld guns to larger, backpack-style water blasters. They are often made of plastic and are powered by pumping a lever or squeezing a trigger to shoot water. They are popular with children and adults alike and are often used in backyard water fights and outdoor games, as well as in swimming pools and at the beach.

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