Emma Stone at Oscar Pre-party at the Mr. Chow Restaurant in Beverly Hills 03/07/2024

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Emma Stone, the “La La Land” star, was a vision of elegance and style at the Oscar Pre-party at Mr. Chow Restaurant in Beverly Hills on 07/03/2024. The actress was adorned in a Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 outfit that shimmered with every step she took under the starry night. The ensemble featured a tailored coat that gracefully draped over her shoulders, boasting an intricate pattern that sparkled like the night sky.

Beneath the coat, “The Favourite” actress revealed a hint of skin with a tastefully cut bralette, adding just the right touch of allure to her sophisticated attire. Every detail of her outfit was meticulously crafted, showcasing Louis Vuitton’s renowned attention to detail.

In one hand, Emma clutched a Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 bag – its sleek design and luxurious texture complementing her attire exquisitely. On her ears dangled Vrai x Petra & Meehan Flannery Dome Studs Earrings; their subtle gleam accentuating the natural grace of “Cruella” star’s neckline.

Her fingers were adorned with a Vrai x Petra & Meehan Flannery Oval Dome Band which caught lights majestically as she moved gracefully among Hollywood’s elite. Completing this look were Louis Vuitton Night Bloom Pumps on her feet – their elegance echoing the timeless beauty we’ve come to expect from Emma Stone.

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