Anya Taylor-Joy (28) at F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

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Anya Taylor-Joy (28) graces Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix with impeccable style. Her outfit blends chic with edge, perfect for the glamorous yet adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of Formula 1 racing.

She dons a cropped leather jacket in brown tones, featuring sharp lapels that add structure to her silhouette. The jacket’s earthy hues contrast with her fair skin, creating an eye-catching look.

Beneath the jacket lies a simple black top. Its minimalistic design allows the statement jacket to stand out while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Her shorts are also black, high-waisted, and form-fitting. They elongate her legs while providing a sleek complement to the bold top half of her ensemble.

On her feet are polished black loafers. Their classic design offers a nod to traditionalism amidst her modern outfit choices.

Accessories are absent, allowing the simplicity and quality of each garment to shine through without distraction.

Her hair is styled in soft waves that cascade over her shoulders, adding femininity to the otherwise edgy outfit.

This look captures Anya Taylor-Joy’s ability to merge classic elegance with contemporary fashion sensibilities—a true style icon at one of motorsport’s most prestigious events.

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